​Your College Coach

Alpha Academia harnesses expertise--advice and tools--to give its students everything they need to be successful at gaining admission to their best school.

Alpha Academia was started in 2014 by Sarah Ballard, a Georgetown University and Law Center alumna.  After college, she was endorsed to compete for the Rhodes Scholarship and won the George Mitchell Scholarship.  She has her Masters and her Juris Doctor.  She was never rejected from a single school to which she applied, including the Ivy League, graduate school, and law school.  She has personally won more than $150,000 in competitive, merit scholarships and has coached high school and graduate students through their admissions and scholarship applications. She has read and reviewed applications for the Mitchell and Fulbright scholarships and has volunteered to do admission interviews at the undergraduate level. 

Sarah believes that all students should have access to the same advice and resources so that they can put their best foot forward in college admissions applications.  Sarah started Alpha Academia with the hope of leveling the playing field, even just a little bit, by making the advice and tools she used and counsels other students with available for less than the cost of a single hour with most private college admissions coaches.

Alpha Academia's courses, e-book, and resources are designed to be available to students and their parents 24/7 from anywhere you can find an internet connection (pretty much all over the globe, no?)