Alpha Academia has put together an e-book with all of its college admissions advice arranged in a month-by-month guide for high school students.

The arms race of college admissions has gotten so hot that students routinely apply to a dozen schools and start polishing their resumes during the freshman year of high school to get the edge they need to be competitive.  Parents are growing increasingly anxious over their children’s prospects as standardized testing, extracurricular activities, and application packages grow more and more important and complex.

College counseling businesses are charging up to $500 an hour to help students and parents navigate the process.  This is making the best schools, and the best fit schools, increasingly out of reach to those without access to elite resources and information.  Guidance counselors at typical high schools are simply not enough.

The truth, however, is that any high school student can get into the best school for them with a little planning a little information.  This book will give you both.

The entire college application process and everything you could possibly want to know about building the best application possible is in this book.  Each month of your high school career has been assigned a specific topic, a specific task to accomplish.  By taking it one month at a time you will reduce your stress and increase the likelihood that you get accepted into your first choice school.

Skim the entire book now and then get started based on where you are in high school.  You don’t have to take every suggestion in the book, but at least you’ll have the information!

Month-By-Month Advice in the Palm of Your Hand

​Your College Coach